Guiseley man’s 3,000 mile bike ride across USA

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AN INTREPID Guiseley cyclist has completed a gruelling 3,000 mile six-week coast-to-coast ride from Florida to California in the USA.

Trevor Lund, 47, pedalled on through extreme storms and freezing temperatures and was close to an area devastated by tornadoes as he headed west.

Mr Lund, who runs Guiseley-based tandem cycling business Times Two Tandems, cycled 16,000 miles from the southern tip of Argentina to north Alaska in 2000.

He said: “My cycle ride across the USA was very punishing in terms of distance cycled on a heavy bike, 617 miles in my first six-and-a-half days set the tone.

“I cycled alone so I was the cyclist, the cook, the support team, the repair man and the nutritionist.”

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