Grinch alive and kicking... in Yorkshire!

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Where do the most generous Christmas present givers live?

Who are the most organised and the laziest over the festive season?

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In particular if you want to know where the Grinch who stole Christmas is, then apparently you should try Yorkshire, but if you're looking for the people most likely to get into the festive spirit then head to Scotland.

That's according to a new study that asked people around the UK about their Christmas shopping habits and then categorised them into four distinct festive personalities: the 'pincher' – AKA the Grinch; the 'surprise shopper' – the most generous of all of us; the 'dodger' – the type of person who tries to avoid the whole experience; and the 'planner', who has everything worked out by October.

More people in Yorkshire than anywhere else in the country are categorised as pinchers.

Wales has more planners than anywhere else and the North East the most dodgers.

The most common festive shopping personality across the UK is the planner, with over half of us falling into this category. They are clinical and precise; stocking up on Christmas presents months in advance to avoid the festive season rush.

A planner will think about what a person needs as opposed to what they want, which means gifts are always well thought out, but perhaps a little boring.

The second most common festive personality type is the surprise shopper' with over a third of us displaying the generous tendencies of the Mary Poppins of Christmas shoppers. Surprise shoppers love the whole process of picking out the perfect gift. They don't plan, preferring to take inspiration by whatever catches their eye.

One in ten of us are categorised as dodgers according to the study by Viking Direct. They are the type of people who attempt to escape the Christmas shopping experience at all costs, usually giving vouchers to avoid having to make a decision on what to give.

Encouragingly only 3 per cent of us fall into the pincher category, the Grinch of the Christmas shopping world and it seems we mainly live in Yorkshire.

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