Grey no more: art brightens up Leeds streets

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‘hello and welcome to Leeds’ reads the 30-metre long mural that runs the the length of Kirkgate Market.

Brightly coloured and adorned with smiling cartoon faces, it’s sure to make you smile as you pass by Vicar Lane.

PIC: Tony Johnson

PIC: Tony Johnson

Meanwhile, the highrise Platform building in nearby City Square is home to the massive owl mural Athena Rising, the tallest of its kind in the UK.

Another large-scale work of art can be found on Call Lane, where a mural commemorates Leeds in all its glory, from ancient times to the present day.

Just outside the city centre in Hyde Park stands a touching tribute to boxer Muhammad Ali, painted in striking black and white.

From sport to science, eagled-eyed readers will spot the words of Einstein on Templar Lane, each letter hand painted on the derelict Lyon Works’ building: ‘learn from yesterday, live for today, design from tomorrow’.