Golf club decision for west Leeds day put on hold until September

Gotts Park Golf Club president David Gregory (right) pictured with fellow members at the Armley course.
Gotts Park Golf Club president David Gregory (right) pictured with fellow members at the Armley course.
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DECISION day over the future of a popular golf club is on hold until September.

Members of Gotts Park Golf Club in west Leeds were expecting a decision over the club’s future imminently, as it is 12 months since a one-year reprieve was announced by Leeds City Council, so it could monitor the club as a business.

Popular Gotts Park at Armley and Middleton Golf Club in south Leeds were threatened with closure due to Leeds City Council budget cuts.

The clubs are now waiting to find out what decision is be to made as the council considers whether or not they remain financially viable.

The 120 members of Gotts Park fear closure could leave a gaping hole in the community, as well as lowering fitness levels.

Members have now been dealt another blow after being told by council bosses that a decision had been delayed.

President David Gregory said: “We have recently had lots of new members, up by 20 per cent, and it is well used by all ages. We are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the decision.”

Alan Walls, chairman of Gotts Park Municpal Golf Club, said: “After waiting so long for an update, a decision in September wasn’t the news we were waiting for. The uncertainty continues about the long term future of the course. As most other golf club members look forward to the coming season, yet again a cloud hangs over us and we wonder what September will bring. I would urge anyone who uses the golf course and is concerned about its potential closure contact Leeds City Council and let their feelings be known. We’d like to ask golfers and the surrounding community to come to the club. We will be having an open evening on February 21 from 8pm.

A letter send to the committee states that the council is undertaking a full review of the club’s financial performance: “This will also allow a more comprehensive and thorough consultation process to be undertaken to include more detailed alternative landscaping options (should a decision be taken to close the course) as well as the financial appraisal.

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