Gok Wan tells of passion for Leeds INTERVIEW

Style icon Gok Wan gave the thumbs up to Leeds and promised a special surprise for Saturday's catwalk extravaganza.

In an exclusive chat with the YEP Gok teased there would be a "big surprise" at the special catwalk show in the Corn Exchange.

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He will go head to head with designer diva Brix Smith Start to find out whether his high street looks can claim the catwalk crown.

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Gok told the YEP about his love of the iconic Corn Exchange as the setting for his new programme Gok's Road Show.

He said: "The Corn Exchange is gorgeous and is one of my favourite buildings in the series.

"It is so picturesque and will look amazing. It will be stunning.

"Leeds is a lovely city to be in and the people here are very friendly.

"We were looking for big cities that represent the country so we couldn't come to the north without a visit to Leeds."

During a trip into the heart of Leeds city centre an excited crowd of fans flocked around Gok.

The television star – who is renowned for getting women to drop their clothes at the drop of a hat – gave a special masterclass to the ladies of Leeds teaching them how to shop for their shape.

He will also be performing a well-deserved makeover on an inspirational bunch of women from the city.

Gok added: "I love making the show.

"It's very nice meeting the people and the makeovers are great.

"It's going to be a big show with plenty of big surprises.

"It's a real life competition so there will be nerves, a little bit of laughter and tears.

"I hope that the high street will win because it gets harder every single year so this time I'm going for it."

But fashionistas will have to wait until the catwalk show and his new television series to hear some of Gok's little magic tricks of the trade.

He joked: "I can't give all my little secrets away now."

The new series of Gok's Road Show – featuring Leeds – is set to hit television screens in the New Year.

A spokeswoman for the programme said: "Leeds has been incredibly welcoming and the team are thoroughly excited about unleashing a bit of Gok magic in the city."

The free catwalk climax in the Corn Exchange is set to start from 4.30pm on Saturday and will be on a first come first served basis.

Double boost for Leeds city centre cultural and heritage buildings