Get fit using pro methods at new Leeds gym

LATEST TREND: Fitness Space is about to revolutionise training in Leeds.
LATEST TREND: Fitness Space is about to revolutionise training in Leeds.
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gyms are changing.

No longer your spit and sawdust arena with weights so heavy that only the World’s Strongest Man could lift.

Leeds is already on it with the likes of L1 and Trib3 and a new fitness concept opening in the city on Monday takes it to another level.

Fitness Space will open at Granary Wharf on Monday where yoga gets hot (one of the most popular trends in Leeds), spinning burns, boxing is better and it turns out that working out actually is in your DNA.

Each new member gets DNA tested which reveals whether your genetic make up is more geared towards high intensity cardio, endurance or strength conditioning for example, and training programmes are geared towards what your body will respond to the best.

The equipment steps it up with decline treadmills and parachute settings which force you to work harder.

There is also an app for 24 hour contact with a coach and video tutorials attached to each piece of equipment.

Notching up the norm comes from the founder Timothy Benjamin, a former Olympic sprinter and also the increasing trend for health and fitness

With one already in York, this is just the second Yorkshire branch with several in London and the Midlands areas.

Adam Haines is the general manager for Leeds.

He said: “We are high end and looked at Leeds because it has to be in an area that we know it will land but where there is nothing else like this.

“It is a big industry but people are not getting results. Whether you have sports goals or want to lose 5lbs we can apply the same methods. “