Gearing up with new Leeds community tool library

Luke Tilley using a bow saw.
Luke Tilley using a bow saw.
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Volunteers at a Leeds charity are carving out an unusual community venture.

The team at Hyde Park Source have launched the city’s very first tool library.

And now they are on the search for support to help build a sustainable future.

The team came up with the idea for the tool library after they were innundated with requests to borrow their tools.

After carrying out some research they saw the idea had proved successful in North America and researched the concept at the Edinburgh Tool Library.

After completing their research the group then decided to replicate it in the heart of north Leeds.

Pete Tatham, co-­ordinator at Hyde Park Source, said: “The Edinburgh Tool Library have been very supportive and are allowing us to share their online database.”

A donations page has been set up to raise cash to support the development of the library.

The cash will then be used to buy material to renovate the basement and community rooms at the centre on Rose Bank Road.

New tools will also be purchased which will then be made available for the community to take out on loan.

Mr Tatham told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “The charity is always looking for new volunteers.

“We are specifically looking for any retired tradesmen with a knowledge of using certain tools would be perfect for the plans for the tool library project.”

Initially a £10 donation membership fee is being asked to help fund the development of the library.

The new community library will then be run on a pay-as-you-feel basis.

Mr Tatham said: “The idea behind pay as you feel is that people who can pay more will, and those who can’t can also still benefit from having access.”

Work is expected to commenence on the Tool Library this spring.