Game of Thrones or days stuck in a jam?

Traffic light trails on the A1(M) near Ferrybridge. PIC: Philip Madden
Traffic light trails on the A1(M) near Ferrybridge. PIC: Philip Madden
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Yorkshire folk spend four days per year stuck in traffic.

That’s the equivalent of watching the entire series of Game of Thrones in one sitting, flying to and from Australia or even walking 189 miles from Edinburgh to Leeds.

Yorkshire residents also spend £1,040 a year on fuel.

The new research from used motors retailer The Car People was conducted on 2,000 drivers across the UK. The results show that despite spending a lot of time in their cars, 87 per cent of Brits believe they have more freedom because of their car.


Jonathan Allbones, sales director at The Car People said: “As a nation we love our cars. We know they cost us money, but the flip side is the freedom they give us. Whether that’s a drive in the country or popping around to see family and friends.”

On average, Tykes spend £20 a week on petrol, that amounts to £60,320 in a driving lifetime. But car owners still believe they have a better social life due to owning a car.

Even though people may moan about running costs, over a third choose to drive somewhere that’s less than a mile away.

But men and women’s attitudes to car use are different. Half of men will happily just go for a spin whereas almost two thirds of women would never do that. Women also seem to appreciate having a car more than men, 70 per cent of women think they have a better social life because of their car. That’s 12 per cent more than men. And nine out of ten women also believe a car gives them more freedom. And A third of Yorkshire drivers think having a car helps them see their family more.

They are also handy when it comes to employment as a quarter of us believe we have a better job because of our car. But over the years our attitudes towards our cars change. For example 18 to 24-year-olds seem to spend the most on car cleaning but the 55 plus age group only spend £3 a month on it. But the latter feel they have the most freedom due to having a car.


Retailer The Car People have come up with an online tool to show just how much time and money we are devoting to our cars.

A web page asks you are series of questions about how many hours your spend commuting per week, how much you spend on fuel, what you spend on parking and how long you spend travelling to see family and friends?

It then calculates the amounts of time and money you will spend during your motoring life. Be prepared for a bit of a shock on fuel and parking costs.

You can try the tool out at www.thecarpeople.co.uk/life-on-the-road.