Gallery: Exclusive look at new £1.2m steakhouse Stockdale’s in Leeds city centre

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GAUCHO’S, Blackhouse and Cattle Grid are just a few of the steak-centric restaurants Leeds city centre has to offer.

With such big names in the offering, you’d think there’s enough competition to put off any would be newcomers.

Stockdale's of Yorkshire, at South Parade, Leeds. Pictures by Simon Hulme.

Stockdale's of Yorkshire, at South Parade, Leeds. Pictures by Simon Hulme.

But it’s not startled Stockdale’s of Yorkshire as the restaurant opens at a prime spot on South Parade tomorrow.

City Buzz got an exclusive look at the restaurant, which takes over the former Sam’s Chophouse restaurant.

It’s had quite a makeover – a £1.2m makeover, to be precise – and Sam’s Chophouse seems like a distant memory.

The restaurant is now split across two floors, with a bar and dining area on the ground floor and an additional dining area, private dining room and kitchen on the floor below.

Some of the 200-year-old features of the building have been restored, including some of the original tiled floors, and it offers a modern feel.


As you walk downstairs, you’ll be left in no doubt that the meat is the star of the show.

Veggies may want to look away, as the entire left hand wall is a chilled glass cabinet showcasing some of the finest cuts of meat on offer, from Wagyu and fillet to ribeye and rump.

With such an emphasis on the meat, you’d be a fool not to ask where it comes from.

Speaking to the people behind the project, apparently it’s all top quality British meat, some of which is supplied to Michelin star restaurants.

We’re also informed that the restaurant is backed by a global meat supplier, but they’re keen to keep any names off the table.

Seemingly for those wanting to find out more, you’ll just have to let the meat speak for itself.

The menu has been carefully crafted in partnership with top Yorkshire chefs Anthony Flinn and Jonathan Elvin, who has trained with the likes of Gordon Ramsay at Claridges.

It includes prime cuts of beef aged for 28 days and seared over coal in the restaurant’s Josper oven.

Interestingly, manager Rodney Prosper has joined Stockdale’s after working at Gaucho in London.

He said: “I was at Gaucho for five years and thought I’d had the best but this has raised the bar for sure.

“Stockdale’s a gorgeous and stylish restaurant but it will be accessible to all.

“It’s competitive prices and is the sort of friendly place where everyone can come and enjoy a steak.”

Prices start at £12 for a pumpkin risotto, or a Wagyu beef burger at £14.

For the beef, you’ll be paying a bit more, with the cheapest – an 8oz rump steak – starting at £14, up to £31.50.

The Wagyu steaks range from £35.50 up to a budget-busting £41.50.

It’s certainly not the lower end of the market but Stockdale’s is all about the quality of the meat and is ready to do battle with its competitors.

With new bar The Alchemist opening on nearby Greek Street next month and work on the Dakota Hotel getting under way, this side of the city centre is continuing to expand and up its game.

Manager Rodney added: “Leeds is a place that is always growing and it is the most up-and-coming city there is.”

We’re not going to argue with you there, Rodney, and are sure Stockdale’s will help put Leeds even more firmly on the map.