Gadgets: 5 of the best kitchen gizmos

Stone Raclette by Swan,, 43.99
Stone Raclette by Swan,, 43.99
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We look at 5 of the best kitchen gizmos

Stone Raclette by Swan,, £43.99

With a removable oval stone grill plate, ideal for grilling meat, fish and vegetables without the need for oil or butter along with 8 Raclette pans, you can bring the cooking straight to the table with even heat distribution keeping your food perfectly warm.

Oven Pull Monster,, £2.35

When you need to reach for hot bakeware, the Oven Pull Monster can be your new best friend. The Monster reaches for your pan or dish, grabs it by the edge and moves it towards you so your mitts can get a sure, clean grip. Use the Monster to adjust oven racks, or even arranged items on a grill. We like it as a fun, thoughtful gift for home bakers and gourmets.

Kitchen roll holder Barkroll,, £99

The roll holder "Barkroll" is the result of a collection designed by Michael Boucquillon and Donia Maaoui, inspired by the trees that surround their house in Lucca. As its name suggests, the "Barkroll" kitchen roll dispenser recalls the bark of a tree: the perforated pattern recalls the knots in wood grain, the cylindrical shape suggests the structure of the tree trunk. The result is a poetic yet functional object which, as its designers state, each time a sheet is torn off reminds the user that paper is made from trees.

Master Pan,, £59.99

Why use multiple pans to cook a meal when you could just use the Master Pan? A divided frying pan designed to let you prepare multiple foods at the same time, the Master Pan will revolutionise the way you cook your favourite meals. With its divided sections, including a pair of recessed circles for cracking eggs into and a large, ribbed central area for meat and fish, you can cook up to five different foods at once – everything from a complete breakfast to a healthy salmon dinner with accompanying vegetables to a feast of fajitas – with only one pan to wash up at the end.

Force One potato, juice and Spätzle press,, £62

GEFU’s press was designed for you to make your own Spätzle pasta, smooth potato purée or fresh tomato juice. The effort-saving leverage of its extra-long stainless steel and nylon handles makes work easy. The plunger is a special feature: its positioning guarantees that it is always above the container, even when it is open. No dripping, no mess!

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