Fundraising campaign for injured Leeds biker reaches target in just 40 minutes

An online fundraising campaign for a Leeds woman who was involved in an accident on her motorbike reached its target in just 40 minutes.

A GoFundMe page has attracted almost £5,000 in donations for injured biker Sami Graystone
A GoFundMe page has attracted almost £5,000 in donations for injured biker Sami Graystone

Sami Graystone, 31, of Roundhay, was on her way to work at her art studio on her Kawasaki Z750 bike when she was involved in an accident with a car on Burley Road, Leeds.

During the accident the self-employed artist and illustrator flipped over the car and landed in the road.

Sami suffered a fractured skull, a shattered pelvis which separated from her spine and several injuries which require skin grafts to her arms and knees.

The biker was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary and underwent her first of several surgeries on Friday afternoon.

Sami’s boyfriend, Chris Hatton 34, from Cardiff, launched a GoFundMe page the day of the accident, to help cover Sami’s living costs while she will be out of work.

He said: “Sami won’t be earning any money for some time and so I sat down and worked out that her monthly outgoings are around £1,000 and set the target at that. I wanted to raise enough to pay for her bills, food and expenses.”

In just 40 minutes the £1,000 target had been reached as the biking world came together to support Sami.

“Bikers realise that it could be them in hospital so they always rally round to help an injured biker. It’s absolutely unreal and I can’t thank everyone who has donated enough.”

In the first 24 hours since launching the campaign the campaign target sat at £4,000 and is now just shy of £5,000 as the community, family and friends continue to show their support for Sami.

Kelsea Little, spokesperson for said: “We’re so pleased to see Sami’s community coming together to support her. We send her our best wishes for a speedy recovery.”

GoFundMe, the world’s most popular fundraising website, provides a platform for people to organise their own campaign to raise money for personal causes and life events and invite those in their community to support their fundraising.

To date, GoFundMe fundraisers in the UK have raised over £32 million for a whole host of different causes from medical expenses, education costs, volunteer programmes, youth sports to funerals & memorials – even animals and pets.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Sami:


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