Frisky Yorkshire couple come a cropper

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Firefighters rescued a frisky couple who had fallen over a wall and down a steep embankment.

The pair, in their 30s, were reportedly “in an amorous position against a stone wall” when they came a cropper in the Yorkshire Dales town of Hawes on Saturday lunchtime.

While the couple in their 30s were leaning against a stone wall, the woman fell backwards over it. As the man tried to grab her, he went tumbling too and they both slipped down a steep bank on the other side.

The man suffered possible abdominal and leg injuries and was flown to hospital by air ambulance. The woman was taken by road to hospital with pelvic injuries.

A North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said: “It would appear that a couple in their 30s were getting a little bit amorous against a stone wall at the side of the road when unfortunately the lady has slipped backwards and fallen over the wall and down a steep embankment on the other side.

“Unfortunately as she has fallen the male has attempted to get hold of her but the momentum has pulled him over as well.

“They have both fallen down the steep embankment.”

The fire crew used a ladder to help paramedics get to the couple and rescue them.

“It was a very strange incident,” the spokeswoman said.

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