Fresh details about newborn baby who died after being found outside Leeds church


Detectives investigating the death of a newborn baby boy - who died after being found outside a Leeds church - have released new details in their search for the mother.

Baby 'Peter' was found wrapped in a towel and shirt near the vicarage doorstep of St Peter's Church, Bramley, on November 23.

The newborn boy, discovered inside a Tesco Bag For Life by the church vicar, was sadly later pronounced dead at Leeds General Infirmary.

And today, nearly one month on from his tragic death, police have released details about the towel and shirt the baby was wrapped in as they continue to try and track down the mother.

The towel he was found wrapped in was blue and striped and measures 81cm by 45cm.

He was also wrapped in a men's white 15-inch collar shirt, bought from Dunnes.

Police said the exact cause of his death has still not been determined but enquiries are continuing.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Bryar, who is leading the investigation, said: "We remain very concerned for the welfare of the mother of this baby boy and are continuing to explore all available lines of enquiry to identify her and make sure she gets the help and support she will need. 

"We hope that releasing details of the distinctive towel that ‘Peter’ was wrapped in will help someone put that together with the 15-inch collar men’s white shirt and the Tesco bag for life and let us know who they think the mother could be.Tesco bag 

"We have identified a DNA profile of the mother but that is not recorded on police systems. If anyone has concerns about suggesting someone they know as being the mother, we can assure them that they can easily be eliminated if this is not the case. 

"The towel has no label on it and so we would also be interested in hearing from anyone who owns this type of towel or knows where they are sold. 

"We are now at a time of year when people are focusing on their families and on their children and, whatever the reasons may be, there is a girl or woman out there who will be going through the continued trauma of this tragic situation and who clearly needs help. 

"We would urge anyone who has any suspicions about who the mother might be to contact us immediately, particularly if the towel, shirt and bag are items they recognise from this person’s life. 

"I want to stress again that our absolute priority is the welfare of the mother of this baby boy and I want her to know that she has my personal assurance that we will do everything we can to help and support her." 

Anyone with information is asked to contact police via 101 quoting log number 354 of November 23.