Fox with foot fetish makes daily shoe delivery to Leeds garden

Elaine Hewitt with a boot left in her garden by a fox
Elaine Hewitt with a boot left in her garden by a fox
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A fox with a foot fetish has been making a daily delivery of shoes to a Leeds family’s garden.

Elaine and William Hewitt have been ‘donated’ dozens of items of footwear - including designer trainers, work boots and even smart leather shoes - left as gifts by the urban animal.

Some of the fox's booty.

Some of the fox's booty.

As the collection has grown over the last two months, the couple, who have three children, have set up a shoe rack at their home in as they try to reunite the footwear with the original owners.

Elaine, 40, of Horsforth, says the mother fox has stole around 30 to 40 shoes from her neighbour’s doorsteps and porches.

She said: “It started a few months ago when a pair of Y-Fronts appeared on the lawn in the back garden.

“It was quite alarming really, but then the next day there was a shoe left in the same place.

“I realised there was an animal bringing them and then on a daily basis we got a shoe delivered.”

The shoes, which are never damaged, are left overnight by a mother fox with a den nearby.

“We see the fox around a lot,” said Elaine. “She has five cubs and it’s no doubt it’s her. There will be a stash of shoes in her den.

“I think she might bring them back as toys for her cubs.”

Despite advertising the miscellaneous shoes to their shoeless neighbours, Elaine and William, 50, an NHS worker, still have a large pile of footwear, as well as a pair of baseball gloves and an item of underwear left by the fox.

Elaine said: “The shoes are never damaged so I think it’s something to do with her being a mother. She’s just carrying them as if they were a cub so she might stop when they are older.

“It’s strange because we haven’t had any stolen. She just brings other people’s to us.”

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