Forecast: What has the weather got in store for Leeds?

Weather forecast for Leeds
Weather forecast for Leeds
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Leeds is preparing itself for a miserable start to Thursday, but the wet weather won't be here all day.

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The morning is dominated by heavy rain fall and high winds which will batter down on the city, causing some problems for motorists making the morning commute.

However, the Met Office predicts that things will be dryer later in the day, although the chance of any prolonged sunny spells is slim.

Here's your 24 hour weather forecast for Leeds:

8am: Heavy rain

9am: Heavy rain

10am: Heavy rain

11am: Heavy rain

12pm: Heavy rain

1pm: Light rain

2pm: Overcast

3pm: Overcast

4pm: Overcast

5pm: Overcast

6pm: Overcast

7pm: Overcast

8pm: Overcast

9pm: Overcast

10pm: Overcast

11pm: Misty