Food review: The Editor’s Draught, Wellington Street, Leeds

The Editor's Draught in Wellington Street, Leeds.
The Editor's Draught in Wellington Street, Leeds.
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Bored of the canteen’s repetitive offerings and the seemingly endless supply of modern cafes with wholesome menus, I decided that only a pub lunch would do.

After scrolling through the various options within walking distance and ruled some out because of the price, I remembered seeing plates of tasty looking burgers and pizza wafting past me in the Editor’s Draught during post-work drinks a few months earlier.

The pub has been designed with groups of friends and co-workers in mind.

The pub has been designed with groups of friends and co-workers in mind.

I’d not eaten there before, it was less than a 10 minute walk and a quick look at the website told me they had a lunch deal.

You could be forgiven for not recognising the pub’s name, in the last few years alone it’s been the Wellington, Central and Phoenix, and changed hands a number of times along the way.

Having leaned towards gastro pub in one of it’s more recent incarnations, the pub has shifted the focus back to something a bit more basic.

Drinks deals, quizzes, sports on big screens and a lively soundtrack are all part of the mix now, along with a refurbished bar area designed with groups of friends and co-workers in mind.

The pace on the lunchtime that I visited with a friend was steadier than on the previous post-work trip when the bar was packed, but there were still half a dozen or so tables taken.

We headed straight for the bar to quiz the staff about the lunch deal – a meal and soft drink for £6 with options to upgrade to an alcoholic drink, or add chips or sweet potato fries for an extra £1 or £2.

Burgers, bangers and mash, mac and cheese, and sandwiches all make an appearance, but I chose the pulled pork burrito and a Pepsi.

From the main menu, my friend picked the nachos sharer (£6) and the mini pittas and fetas (£3.50), which are among the tapas plates on offer – again with a deal for multiple plates.

My burrito was something of a beast and not particularly well constructed, meaning it collapsed under its own weight when I tried to eat it and had to resort to knife and fork. Not necessarily a problem, but the foil had stuck to the tortilla wrap and I found myself having to pick bits out of my mouth.

A shame really as the contents itself were pretty tasty and the fiddly eating detracted from the overall enjoyment. Served with nachos and salsa, it made for a very filling lunch.

My friend made a valiant effort to get through the generous helping of nachos, which I’m told had an excellent crisp to sauce ratio. The mini pittas may have been smaller than anticipated, but they still proved an enjoyable addition.

The relaxed atmosphere and attentive service were appreciated by us both, and I wouldn’t rule out a return to the Editor’s Draught on those days when only a good value pub lunch will hit the spot.

Rating: 3/5