‘Flirty’ Wakefield cop fails in bid to save job

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A policewoman who was sacked after drunkenly flirting with a drugs suspect before discussing a case with him has failed in her bid to get her job back.

PC Rebecca French was dismissed by West Yorkshire Police last August after she was accused of going on a drinking binge with the man, who was awaiting trial.

She met the man, who was facing charges of possession and cultivation of cannabis at the Buzz bar in Wakefield.

It was alleged French became “very drunk”, was sick on the floor, and acted in a “sexually inappropriate manner” towards the suspect. The charges against him were dropped after French was accused of discussing the case with him.

It was the third misconduct panel she had faced in under two years. She had already admitted turning up under the influence of alcohol at a police station when off duty one night, and later failing to give evidence at a magistrates court. Her judicial review challenge to her sacking was yesterday rejected by a High Court judge.

At a hearing last August, she claimed her drink had been spiked, and she could not remember what had happened. But the allegations were found proved and she was dismissed.

PC French claimed the second panel should have been held as a less-serious “misconduct meeting” and she should have been granted an adjournment when fighting the third set of allegations.

At the hearing in Leeds, Judge Behrens accepted her failure to turn up at the magistrates court had been wrongly assessed as “gross misconduct” – but said that was “academic” when the findings against her in relation to the drugs suspect were taken into account.

He said there was no evidence her drink had been spiked “other than her bare assertion.”

Judge Behrens told the court the proceedings were “not only fair but could be seen as fair”.

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