Flamborough: Dog survives cliff fall

Flamborough Head.
Flamborough Head.
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A springer spaniel had a lucky escape after it was rescued from the sea by a lifeboat crew after plunging more than 150ft down a coastal cliff, the Coastguard said

The dog’s distressed owner phoned the emergency services after her springer spaniel fell over the cliffs at Flamborough Head, near Bridlington.

Coastguard rescue officers from Bridlington were sent to the incident, as was the RNLI lifeboat from Flamborough, after the alarm was raised at 2.30pm yesterday.

The dog had fallen from a height of 150 - 175ft, but had then taken a further fall from a ledge and into the sea, the Coastguard said.

The dog’s owner phoned the Coastguard again to reveal her beloved pet had been sighted in the water but had since disappeared from view and people were climbing down the cliffs to try and rescue the animal.

When the owner arrived at the scene she was so overcome she required an ambulance, the Coastguard said.

The lucky pooch was eventually rescued by the lifeboat crew and is apparently no worse for wear after its intense ordeal.

Mike Puplett, Watch Manger, Humber Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre, said: “Although this appears to be a happy outcome, there are a number of safety issues here.

“Dogs should always be kept on leads, especially near to cliff edges, dogs may slip or bound over a cliff edge not anticipating the drop ahead.

“Owners or members of the public may risk their lives to rescue the animal, what they should do is immediately contact the Coastguard on ‘999’ for help. We want people to enjoy the coast and this simple measure could save lives.”

Last year there were 227 coastal accidents involving dogs that required emergency assistance from the Coastguard, he added.

Last month, a black Labrador had a lucky escape when he fell over a cliff while out on a walk at Durdle Door in Dorset.

The dog plunged five metres down a cliff before Lulworth coastguard rescue team managed to bring him to the top of the cliff where he was reunited with his owners.