Five things you need to know in Leeds today

Dave Clark prepares to embark on 200 mile walk fundraiser for Parkinson's disease
Dave Clark prepares to embark on 200 mile walk fundraiser for Parkinson's disease

Didn’t read the paper this morning? We’ve got you covered. Here are today’s five top stories.

1. Snorers are a danger on roads

More than one million Brits could be unaware they are a danger on the roads as a result of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS). Leeds researchers have found heavy snorers are a danger on the roads because they are up to six times more likely to be involved in a crash. Signs of OSAS include loud snoring, noisy and laboured breathing and repeated short periods where breathing is interrupted by gasping or snorting.

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2. Leeds pub’s licence revoked after shooting incident

Worlds End pub in Pudsey had its licence revoked yesterday afternoon after Leeds City Council’s licensing sub commitee heard police have been called to the pub in Booths Yard 24 times after the last two years. Police were reported to have been called after a series of assaults, drug dealing and drunkenness. The committee was told that members of the public had alerted police about the majority of incidents while the pub had only called the policed on three occasions.

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3. New strategy to plug homes gap for Leeds’s growing elderly population

Leeds City Council is launching a consultation for a new strategy to increase the support and homes availables for the elderly. The five-year strategy is due to be finalised in October and includes a plan for extra care housing schemes. Around 600 extra care homes have been proposed as part of the strategy.

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4. Sky Sports presenter Dave Clark undertaking fundraising challenge for Parkinson’s years after being diagnosed.

Leeds broadcaster Dave Clark was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2011 and is now set to embark on a challenge to walk the 200 mile route from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire in September. The sports presenter said it will be his greatest physical and emotional challenge, but wants to face his disease head on.

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5. This Leeds man has a real gem of a job.

It was when Neil Geddes was struggling to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend that he came up with the idea to open a diamond buying company in Leeds. Neil is the owner and managing director of NJ Geddes Fine Jewellery, a jewellery concierge based in Leeds, Manchester and London. As an inexperienced buyer, Neil said he became frustrated when buying an engagement ring years ago because none of the jewellers he visited we able to give him the personalised serviced he wanted. Now he has been running his own company for years after finding a master jeweller who helped him find his stone and influenced him to study more about fine jewellery.

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