Five things about St George’s Day Festival in Morley

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Think you know St George’s Day Festival in Morley? Think again.

1. The weekend-long festival parade began in 2005 and is thought to be the biggest St George’s Day celebration in the country, giving Morley the title of ‘England’s most patriotic town.’

2. It is organised by the Leeds branch of the Society of St George and the focal point is a parade by St George on horseback from the town hall to the sports ground. A dragon is then slain.

3. The event is hugely popular and attracts over 20,000 visitors. Activities include archery, re-enactments, medieval combat displays, music and the singing of the national anthem.

4. Morley has resisted offers by Leeds for the city to host the festival in future years, with organisers saying its host town is ‘non-negotiable’ and that it will not re-locate.

5. Morley residents believe it is the biggest event in the town since the Queen visited in 1954, drawing huge crowds. On both occasions the streets were bedecked with flags and bunting.