Five reasons facial recognition on the iPhone 8 would be a terrible idea

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Rumours surfaced last week that the iPhone 8 will come with facial recognition software, with some analysts predicting the firm will forgo Touch ID in favour of unlocking phones via facial recognition.

The tech giants have added weight to the predictions by acquiring Israeli tech firm Realface. The startup produces facial recognition software for use in biometric login systems. Here are five reasons why unlocking your phone with your face is a terrible idea:

PA library file dated 09/04/2003 of a man smoking a cigarette. A leading medical journal, Friday December 5, 2003, called for an outright ban on smoking and cigarettes. The Lancet editorial pointed out that 80% of people in the UK were non-smokers. They had "the right to freedom from exposure to proven carcinogens," said the journal. See PA story SCIENCE Smoking. PA Photo.

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