Five people arrested for selling 'fully loaded' Kodi streaming boxes

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Five people across the country including much of the north of England have been arrested for selling 'fully loaded' Kodi streaming boxes.

The raids were initiated by the Federation Against Copyright Theft aka FACT, on behalf the Sky TV, the Premier League, BT Sport and Virgin Media.

All the arrests were made in the north of the country, including Bolton, Bootle and Manchester, as well as one in Wales.

FACT says that fully-loaded Kodi boxes were seized in each of the homes raided.

What are Kodi boxes and are they legal to use or own?

The trend in the last year has been to advertise and supply these boxes for the express purpose of running Kodi.

What’s more, they are often bundled on sites such as eBay, with “unofficial” Kodi add-ons that can stream content you would normally expect to have to pay for... premium sports, movies and pay-per-view TV shows, for instance.

eBay sellers in particular are fond of using the phrase “fully loaded” to further describe their Kodi Boxes, from which customers can infer the presence of a complete set of these unofficial plug-ins.

But - and this is where the courts come in - it is plainly not legal to steal content, and besides, there is no guarantee that the outlawed Kodi add-ons will actually work. It remains to be seen whether their sale is against the law, or merely their use.

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