Five of the most reliable free wifi hotspots in Leeds

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Check out a handful of the most reliable Leeds options.


Hotels are always a good bet for fast and reliable internet, but all too often the wily swines are wise to the desperation of non-customers and put up passwords or puny time limits.

Not so at the Double Tree, where the WiFi is a veritable all-you-can-eat affair, although it is probably polite to treat yourself to a coffee while you surf.



Shuffledog is one of the shiny new niceties in Leeds, having been born out of the Brewdog craft ale chain in July 2015. Alongside games of shuffleboard and a world class selection of crafties that would leave even the most ardent beer drinker weak at the knees, they’ve got fast, free WiFi too. Again, it’s probably best to order a pint of something tasty, but just the one, mind you. No one likes a sweary work email.


If you’re easily distracted, Leeds Central Library might be your best bet for an afternoon on the laptop. Away from the hustle and bustle of bars and dodgy background music, Leeds Central Library offers free, reliable WiFi in the work-friendly surroundings of perfect silence. Sure, there’s no craft ale and sparkling conversation is on short supply, but that deadline isn’t going to hit itself. The library is just one of over 100 public buildings to have been piped up with free public WiFi thanks to a generous council-led initiative, something to remember the next time you find yourself grumbling about your bins not being put back correctly.


Again, it’s definitely more unusual for a cafe to not offer free WiFi nowadays, but for a nice spot to sit and graft away, Mrs Atha’s is just right, and provides a reliable, free internet connection whilst you sip one of Leeds’ best coffees.

It can get a little busy around lunchtime, but that’s around the time of your break, and let’s face it, you’re gunna need an hour or so to check out what’s going on your YEP, right?


Oh yes, it’s the mothership of all things Leeds, and the Trinity Centre also features on our list of best WiFi hotspots. Trinity WiFi is the godsend of any boyfriend who’s been dragged along on a Sunday shopping spree, the only catch being that you need to be Cloud connected (and who isn’t nowadays?).

For speed and no holds barred reliability, it’s one of the best internet havens in the city.