Firm reveals Leeds drivers’ boozy habits

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A law firm survey has lifted the lid on the city’s drink-driving habits.

Personal injury specialists Jefferies Solicitors has revealed evidence ranging from Leeds residents knowingly driving over the limit to believing that there are techniques to sobering up more quickly.

Some 41 per cent of people in Leeds admit to having knowingly driven over the limit while almost a third have done it on more than one occasion.


There was also confusion over quantifying alcohol measures, with 47 per cent admitting to finding the ‘units’ measure unclear.

Even more baffling were preconceptions about sobering up. Just under a third believe that there are techniques to sober up more quickly. These myths included drinking coffee or water, getting some air and having a cold shower, the survey revealed.

Michael Jefferies, managing director of Jefferies Solicitors, said: “During the festive season, along with all other times of the year, it’s very important that people take extra care when driving on the roads, particularly if they’re heading out for a drink. Unless you’re clued up about units, the safest way to travel around is with a designated driver or taxi. We take on an increasing number of motoring offence claims related to drink driving around this time of year – the types of accidents that can easily be avoided, including those resulting in serious injuries or fatalities.”

The survey showed almost half of respondents go for a drink after work and 16 per cent of these drive home afterwards. And the figure could drastically increase during the festive season. What’s worse, over two thirds of respondents (67%) who work in a hands-on environment admit to consuming alcohol the night before going to work and then operating machinery, posing risks to themselves and others. However, Leeds fared much better than London, where 48 per cent admit to driving over the limit.

New anti drink-drive campaign

the government has launched a new campaign to tackle drink driving.

It will target those who do not recognise that even a small number of drinks before driving can be deadly.

It urges everyone to THINK! before drinking and driving. New adverts will highlight how a second drink can double the chance of being in a fatal collision. New research shows one in ten people would have two or more drinks before driving. This increases to one in five among men aged 18 to 34. Road Safety Minister Andrew Jones said: “The best way for drivers to keep themselves and others safe is simple: don’t drink and drive.”