Firemen save OAPS from burning Leeds flats UPDATED

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Two elderly men had to be rescued by firefighters as other residents were evacuated during a blaze at a sheltered housing complex.

One man was carried unconscious from the smoke-logged Moorhaven Court, on Cranmer Bank in Moor Allerton, Leeds.

Another had to be rescued by ladder though a window.

Fire crews gave both men first-aid before they were taken to hospital.

Stasha Golonko, 74, who lives next door to the blaze-hit flat, described how she was engulfed in smoke as she escaped her home.

She said: “A ball of smoke wrapped around me. I didn’t know what was happening, so I went back in my flat. Then I put a scarf around my face and got out. I feel terrible, I’m still shaken.”

Another neighbour, Patricia Crawshaw, said the woman from the flat where the fire started knocked on her door to alert her.

Mrs Crawshaw, 59, who has multiple sclerosis, said: “She said, ‘My house is on fire’. The corridor was filled with smoke. We went to the day room. The firefighters had to give someone the kiss of life.

“I haven’t been able to sleep all night because I lost my budgie. I should have taken him with me, but you just don’t think do you?”

The fire started in a ground floor flat at about 6.20pm on Thursday. One fire engine was sent from Moortown fire station but immediately called for back-up when they saw the extent of the fire.

Smoke had spread throughout one of the blocks. Four more fire engines sped to the scene from Moortown, Cookridge and Leeds Central fire station.

Watch commander Neil Stainthorpe, from Moortown, said: “We were told there were six people unaccounted for. We rescued two people.

“The breathing apparatus team brought one person from a first floor flat and we rescued a second person from another flat via a ladder. My crews worked in extremely arduous conditions and were successful in carrying out their duties.”

The fire is not thought to be suspicious.

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