Final preparations ahead of Leeds cat cafe opening

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A miaow with your morning coffee, a cat with your cake or a furry companion with your French toast?

What is this feline food frivolity, I can tell you are wondering.

A new cafe ear-marked for Leeds is finalising plans ahead of its planned opening next month.

And unlike many of the highbrow, swanky, artisan and gourmet eateries which seem to be opening in the city these days, this is a cafe that will have a catty clientele and humans can turn up too if they want.

Kate Charles-Richards – who runs the original ‘Kitty Cafe’ in Nottingham which opened two years ago – is expanding her business to Leeds following the success of her quirky cafe, and has secured premises in a prime city centre location.

While the cafe will be serving over 70 different varieties of tea from flower tea, to green tea and an everyday cuppa, milkshakes, coffee and more than 20 types of cake, paninis, pastas, salads and pizzas – +at the heart of it, the Kitty Cafe will operate as a cat rescue and re-homing facility.

The majority of the cats which will live at the cafe have been rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed by the cafe.

As with the Nottingham cafe, there will be cattery facilities at the Leeds one and there could be up to 20 that are available for re-homing at any time.

So while you are reading through the menu you can register an interest in the cats and then the cafe will start its adoption process to ensure cats leave the cafe to happy forever homes.

Kate said: “When people arrive they usually order their food and then wander off to find the cats. They are lovely and friendly. We have special food covers so you can eat with the cats around you . We also have a five-star food hygiene rating.

“We’ve had hundreds of amazing re-homing stories. Some cats have come to us in an awful state, and have been rehabilitated and socialised and become well-rounded cats.”

Renovations are still taking place to design the cafe that is being ‘purr-fectly’ purpose built with cat comforts.

The site will benefit from a £500,000 refit, and architects CPMG have been commissioned to design a cat-friendly environment with full air conditioning, large windows and a luxury ‘cat snug’ - a human-free area for the felines to retreat to and relax in and take a cat nap when needed.

Kate hopes to be able to confirm the cafe’s location later this month and launch an online booking system to cope with the expected high demand for visiting slots.

The project began in April but renovations to the building by the landlords have delayed work on the interiors.

However, there have been more than 1,000 job applications.

She said: “We are getting more and more excited about Leeds. There is still a lot of work to do. As we have massive expansion plans in the UK, Leeds is going to be our showcase.”

“No expense in being spared on our kitties and the customer experience. We have a team of companies working with us to get every tiny detail correct and this will mean the third and fourth Kitty Cafes will follow

“In Nottingham we learned many lessons and Leeds is therefore going to be ideal cafe.

“We have even revamped our logo, with Leeds having its own specific variation on it.”