Festive messages to Leeds

Festive wishes ... for Leeds
Festive wishes ... for Leeds
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Considering themselves The Queen for a day, YEP Reader Panelists contributed Christmas messages for the city.

Cups o' kindness, compassion, conciliation, charitable acts and community diversity were to the fore, as were helping hands, humanity and harmony, while local pride shone brighter throughout than Elland Road floodlights.

The Queen for a day - readers' panel festive messages

The Queen for a day - readers' panel festive messages

If you’re over 18, live or work in Leeds, email chris.page@jpress.co.uk to come and join the gang, get involved and have a regular say on our city, starting with coming YEP Community Forum question "New year: new Leeds - what would you wish for our city in 2018?"

So, what is your Christmas message to Leeds?

Dave Kelly

Leeds, keep it simple, be mindful of your actions, stay safe, check on that elderly neighbour but, most of all, look after yourself and those close to you. Forward into the new year with a big cup of milk o` human kindness. Have a cool yule y`all

Sophie Mei Lan

Love this question. If only! Now is an extremely exciting and innovative time, meaning that all communities with Wi-Fi and technology are able to access a plethora of opportunities. I work from home as blogger, vlogger and freelance journalist but there are things technology can not replace, such as human contact, real-life relationships and kind acts. We should all make an effort to reach out of our own bubbles to help one another, near and far. Every human being is important and deserves respect, regardless of their background. Just one kind gesture and helping hand can change somebody’s day. So let’s enable one another to achieve success, whatever success looks like for that individual. We can use the digital world for the better.

Amy Green

Merry Christmas all! Hope you have a wonderful festive season. I'd urge Leeds to celebrate and be proud of our wonderful vibrant city. During these ever-changing times, we must remember our values and what we hold dear as a nation. We should be proud to live in such a fantastic city.

Joanne St Lawrence

We have been most impressed with the huge range of activities available in the city this year. This is a diverse city and all the residents seem to love to join in with anything that's going on, whatever the culture, heritage or religion. This is particularly important in schools where children and their parents contribute in sharing their traditions, food and music. Leeds is an exceptional city, with parks, theatres, music and many special events. We're all Leeds, aren't we?

Lyn Facey

My message, as The Queen, would be I am going to donate much of my wealth to build support homes for young people leaving care, homeless people, older people who are struggling and people who need support. If I am The Queen, and have sufficient money to live well and help my people, what a dream that would be!

Dennis Appleyard

This land of ours is experiencing a level of intolerance and division not seen since the '30s. The poor hate the rich, Brexiteers hate Remainers, drivers hate cyclists, MPs just doing their jobs are faced with obscene threats, public servants are abused. My message is, just pause a moment, offer compassion and understanding. Under the skin, and away from possessions, we are all the same. Love one another!

James Kirk

May you continue to be the person Christmas brings out of you. Be all you strive to be, and let others ... be!