Fears over anti-freeze poisonings in Leeds

Chris Riley's twin cats were victims of anti-freeze poisonings.
Chris Riley's twin cats were victims of anti-freeze poisonings.
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A devastated south Leeds community are frightened for their pets after a suspected spate of anti-freeze poisonings.

Five cats and three kittens have died within days of each other after ingesting the substance.

Their owners claim their pets may have been deliberately targeted and they fear the anti-freeze has been left out on purpose.

Chris Riley from Manor Crescent, in Rothwell, has been forced to have two of his cats put down within days of one another after they both suffered from kidney failure.

He said: “I have three children under the age of ten who are close to all our cats, they are part of the family.

“When they die due to no reason of your own it is really upsetting.

“This sudden onset of poisoning feels like someone is doing this maliciously.

“Frankly, I’m frightened that the cat we do have left isn’t safe and we’ll lose her too.

“As a neighbourhood we don’t know what to do, we’ve been keeping our cats inside since the incidents but that isn’t natural.

“We can’t do that forever and we shouldn’t have to.

“We are all just hoping whoever is doing it will stop.”

Two dogs on the estate have also suffered the effects of the poison.

Laura Smith, veterinary surgeon at Leeds Emergency Vets said: “Some people are unaware of the dangers of anti freeze and will often put it in their water fountains so I urge residents to be careful.”