Family’s heartbreak at loss of dad killed outside Leeds nightclub

Luke Boyes.
Luke Boyes.
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A teenager who killed a father-of-two by punching during a confrontation outside a Leeds nightclub has been jailed for four years.

Luke Boyes, 19, was found guilty of the manslaughter of Darryl Kerr on Friday (June 7) following a trial at Leeds Crown Court.

The jury took more than five hours to return the verdict by a majority of 10-2.

The trial heard that 43-year-old Mr Kerr suffered devastating injuries from a single blow to the neck outside Bar Fibre, on Lower Briggate, in Leeds city centre.

The incident happened on December 21 last year shortly after Mr Kerr and his friends had been refused entry to the club.

Boyes, of Cross Flatts Mount, Beeston, was standing outside on the pavement nearby and suddenly became verbally aggressive with Mr Kerr.

Boyes, who had been drinking heavily and had taken cocaine, swore at Mr Kerr and then raised his fists and started moving about like a boxer.

Mr Kerr pushed or lightly slapped Boyes in a bid to get him away.

Boyes then threw a punch which landed in the neck area of Mr Kerr.

Describing the incident, The Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collier, QC, said: “I am satisfied that you began to take the mickey out of what you saw as an older man not being allowed into the club which you and your younger friends had just left.”

The court heard Mr Kerr’s family have been left devastated by the tragedy. The judge added: “His mother, his children, his siblings are quite unable to come to terms with what happened on that Friday night.

“Nothing that has happened here in court and no sentence I impose will assuage that loss they experience every day of their lives.

“But for you Luke Boyes and your family this is also a tragedy. You are 19, you are spoken of in references as quiet and unassuming, someone who cares for others and would go out of your way to help them.”

Boyes had been granted bail when he first appeared before Magistrates in December but was later locked up when the Crown Prosecution Service lodged an appeal.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Lineham of the homicide and major inquiry team, said: “This was a tragic case in which Darryl Kerr ultimately paid with his life. The message from me is clear – a single punch can ruin lives, not just for victims and their families, but also for offenders...just because of a drink-fuelled moment of madness.”

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