Family of Leeds victim of ‘deadly dust’ appeals for help

Shirley Haystead.
Shirley Haystead.
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A LEEDS man is appealing for his mother’s former colleagues to get in touch after she died of an asbestos-related cancer.

Shirley Haystead, formerly Havenhand, died aged 74 from mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lungs that is caused by exposure to asbestos dust.

She had worked throughout her lifetime at Garnett’s Factory in Leeds, which was situated in the St Andrews Works at Burley. Garnett’s had two sites, and is believed to have belonged to the company H Garnett & Sons, which is no longer in business.

The site that Shirley worked at may have been locally known as Dickson’s, after the man who owned St Andrews Works, whose surname was Dickson. The factory manufactured shoulder pads, amongst other products and Shirley would have been known under her maiden name, Havenhand, when she worked there in the 1950s and 60s.

Shirley, who moved from Kirkstall to Newcastle Upon Tyne, was diagnosed with mesothelioma between 2007 and 2008. She died in June 2010 after treatment including chemotherapy and having her lungs regularly drained.

Her son Wayne said: “The whole family were devastated when we found out mum had terminal cancer - mesothelioma was a horrible thing for her to have to cope with and she had to endure regular trips to the hospital to get her lungs drained, which was very unpleasant for her. We just want to see justice for what she went through and hope that any of her former colleagues get in touch as any information, no matter how small, could prove vital.”

Anyone who thinks they may be able to help is asked to contact Isobel Lovett at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors on 0191 279 0104 or email

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