Family life with a vlogger

Sophie Mei Lan and Chris Hale live with their two daughters in Wakefield and they are our Family of the Week. Sophie runs video production company Evoke Media Group and blogs and vlogs at Chris is Executive Chef of The Hepworth Cafe at The Hepworth Wakefield and runs Pop Up North catering company.

Saturday, 19th January 2019, 7:00 am

What are your top tips for getting children to do what you ask?

Our daughters are good business women so we usually have to resort to bribery.

What family task takes you the longest?

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Our bedtime is without a routine as we all work, sleep and function at different times of the day. So getting both the kids to bed at a reasonable hour takes a lot of patience.

What hobbies/pastimes do you enjoy as a family and separately?

Football and swimming, I bellydance and the girls do gymnastics and Chris plays squash.

What is your most treasured memory?

Ariana recovering.

What’s the number one thing you would change about Leeds?

The train station.

What’s your top penny-pinching tip?

When going somewhere expensive take your own merchandise and treats.

One family member’s proudest achievement?

BGT and MasterChef.

What can your children not live without?


What’s the most bizarre thing you have found yourself saying since having kids?

Please wee in the toilet not on the carpet.

What’s the funniest thing your children have ever said/done?

When I asked my daughter what does she want for her birthday, she replied: “a new dad.” She has got her Dad’s sense of humour, so he can’t say anything!

Mini moan - what really gets your goat?

People judging me for breastfeeding my daughters.

What’s your favourite family day out?

The Hepworth Wakefield has lots of free crafts and a lovely playground. It also has a fantastic independent cafe serving locally sourced food and drink including a kids menu, The Hepworth Cafe (we co-own it)

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