Extra patrols put on after Leeds assaults


POLICE ARE carrying out extra patrols after two incidents of women being grabbed by a man in the same area of Leeds on consecutive nights.

The force said it was keeping an open mind about whether the incidents are linked but have urged people “to take precautions” particularly when out in secluded areas. The first incident happened at about 7.45pm on Thursday as a 23-year-old woman was running along a track in a wooded area between Swinnow Lane and Wellstone Garth, in Bramley, which is known locally as The Quarry.

The following night a 30-year-old woman was grabbed by a man as she walked her dogs in Bramley Fall Woods, off Pollard Lane, at about 7.45pm.

Her akita dog, returned to where she was and growled at the man and she left the woods to an open area nearby.

In both incidents a man approached the woman from behind and grabbed them. In the first incident the victim fell to the ground. She struggled and kicked out and managed to break free. She suffered cuts and grazes to her arms and legs in the incident.

The suspect was taller than 5ft 7ins and of muscular build. He was wearing a black top and was possibly white. he victim in the second incident described the man who grabbed her as being mixed race, 5ft 9ins, slim, with black hair. He was wearing a grey top, possibly a hoody, and grey tracksuit bottoms.

Det Insp Phil Jackson said: “We cannot say for certain what the motive was but clearly this is an incident which causes us concern and we are carrying out enquiries to trace the man involved.

“We are obviously conscious of the similarity to the incident at ‘the quarry’ in Swinnow Lane, Bramley. There is nothing at this stage to suggest a clear link between the two and we are keeping an open mind.”