Extra dose of double trouble for Leeds footballers

Twins at Kirkstall Crusaders, in Leeds.
Twins at Kirkstall Crusaders, in Leeds.
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It’s the ultimate in double trouble for teams playing against Kirkstall Crusaders – with seven sets of twins to contend with.

And the beautiful game is twice as nice for opponents facing the under-nines and under-16s teams – both of which boast two sets.

On the ball: The twins take to the pitch in Leeds.

On the ball: The twins take to the pitch in Leeds.

It wasn’t until three new pairs joined at the same time that club secretary Máire Pogson, a maths teacher at Leeds City College, totted up the total number of duplicates and realised they had been twinundated.

“I thought, this is funny – none of the other clubs have twins like us.”

The terrific twosomes range in age from eight to 23 and stretch across five teams at the west Leeds club.

Asked whether the rumoured telepathic connection between twins gave them an advantage on the pitch,

Máire said there had been instances where having siblings in the same squad had paid off.

She said: “One will be about to pass the ball and the other will automatically look up for it, to get the pass.”

However, there have been very few instances of confused opponents being unable to tell them apart as only two sets are identical.

“Plus, there can be a downside to relying on just two families to provide almost half of the players on one team.

Máire said: “If you’re trying to field a team with two sets of twins in and those families are away you’re missing four children.

“It’s especially a problem for the under-16 girls’ team. If both families are away we’ve got to cancel the game.”

The under-nines team has identical nine-year-olds Jake and Josh Dooley and eight-year-olds George and Will Roberts; the under-11s: Jorge and Maria de Carvalho das Neves, aged 11; under-12s: Kayden and Kmaine Pyke, aged 12; under-16s: Lucy and Grace McGill, aged 15, and Martha and Miriam Ohr, 16. The open age team has identical twins Daniel and Richard Smith, 23.

Michael McGill, Lucy and Grace’s dad, said:“It’s quite amazing.

“Lots of twins don’t like doing the same activities.”