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Friday (Sept 19) marks the start of an exciting collaboration between one of the city’s oldest newspapers and its newest.

The sixteenth issue of The City Talking will be free inside every copy of Friday’s YEP –thanks to a deal struck between our owners and Hebe Media.

Friday’s issue of the The City Talking will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the theatrical production that has held audiences enthralled at Leeds Dock in recent weeks.

Slung Low Theatre Company’s new telling of Moby Dick, The White Whale, took place in the canal itself aboard a floating stage the cast and crew had to raise from the deep each night – and then sink again. The paper features photography of the production process by the play’s author, James Phillips, and an interview with Slung Low’s artistic director Alan Lane about their track record of achieving the impossible.

It will also include a profile of Leeds Ladies FC, who following the collapse of their link with Leeds United this summer, took a supporter-led rescue operation to get a new club together to start the season.

Captain Emma Bentley and chairman Gary Cooper talk us through the ups and downs of putting a proud Leeds football club back on its feet; as Emma says: “We fight and we battle and that’s what it’s about.”

Head of Multimedia News Content for the YEP, Mark Casci, said: “We are all massively enthused at YEP towers about this link-up.

“The collaboration between The City Talking and the YEP will allow us to delve into each other’s audiences and reach more and more people to discuss and inform just what a vibrant and wonderful place Leeds is to live and work.”

The City Talking will be published on the third Friday of every month in the YEP.

27 October 2017.
The view from the top of Leeds Town Hall.
Leeds Civic Hall.

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