Ex-soldier’s online help for PTSD sufferers

Simon Buckden and Louisa Rodriguez from Postive Action for PTSD
Simon Buckden and Louisa Rodriguez from Postive Action for PTSD
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The horrors of the front line carried a devastating legacy for former Royal Signalman Simon Buckden.

Mr Buckden, 41, was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in 2005 which was triggered by the nightmare scenes of what he witnessed during two tours of Bosnia in the mid-1990s.

The former Royal Signalman was medically discharged from the army after 12 years service in 2001.

And since then he has made it his mission to raise awareness of the devastating impact of PTSD.

Mr Buckden, from Bramley, Leeds, and his partner Louisa Rodriguez have set up their own social enterprise to help people suffering from the condition.

Positive Action for PTSD was founded last year and their website, which acts as a signpost for support, has just gone live.

Mr Buckden said: “It is more than just a Facebook page.

“It is an online community where people affected by PTSD support each other.

“I think the rapid growth and huge response we have had just highlights how much an organisation like this is needed.

Thousands of people have already contacted the couple and they have met with various key organisations such as Mind, Time to Change and the Department for Health.

They hope to campaign for greater national and international awareness of the different forms of PTSD as well as offering support for carers and loved ones.

Louisa Rodriguez added:“The stories we hear every day from people living with PTSD are heart-breaking and inspiring.

“It just motivates us more to keep growing the organisation and raising awareness of PTSD.

“A lot of people associate PTSD with the military, but that is only a small proportion.

“We speak to people who have PTSD from surviving child abuse, domestic violence, sexual violence, Road traffic accidents, traumatic child birth, first responders; just to name a few.”

Visit www.positiveactionforptsd.org.

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