Euro 2012: Curly the psychic sheep predicts England win against Italy

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Yorkshire’s own psychic sheep Curly has predicted a crucial win for England in Sunday’s Euro 2012 quarter-final clash with Italy.

Curly has become a football sensation after the Swaledale ram correctly predicted this week’s win against Ukraine as well as the previous group stage draw against France.

Now the sheep, who was found abandoned on Queen’s Drive in Ossett, has chosen a picture of Wayne Rooney when it was placed next to an image of controversial Italian Mario Balotelli.

After he was found, the ram was re-homed at the Roleystone sanctuary in Shipley.

Curly’s former carer Shaun Womersley said the ram proved a tough customer as volunteers eventually managed to shear his coat this week.

He said: “He might not have the football predicting skill of an octopus, but I think he had the last laugh when they tried to shear his coat.

“They finally got him at the third attempt.”

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