Threat to fine Leeds bin bandits

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People living in the Headingley and Hyde Park areas who leave bins on the street for long periods are facing fines.

Some are already feeling the force of local authority law in relation to litter and creating untidy streets.

Leeds City Council officials have started a campaign of enforcement action throughout the areas to tidy up the streets.

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It follows monitoring showing that residents in the area are leaving their bins littering the streets for days after they have been emptied.

The assault on left bins is just a part of a major push to tidy up the two areas which are home to many students.

In the past few weeks 3,400 letters have been sent out to households in the area reminding people of when their bin collection days are.

Implicit in the reminded is the need to take in the bin once it has been emptied.

Council staff have also been knocking on doors to explain to residents their responsibilities with regard to waste, littering, poor parking and other environmental issues. They are keen to clean up the whole area which suffers from a litter epidemic.

But council officers say that the six week campaign in the mainly student area has had a limited effect.

Because of that it has been decided that and from now on people who break the law will have to pay the penalty.

Last week the council staff issued 87 enforcement notices for bins on streets offences under section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act, 1990.

Each enforcement notice carries a £75 fine.

The intensive enforcement phase will run into early 2012 but the council will continue its enforcement and educational activity in January and February 2012

Coun Mark Dobson, Leeds City Council’s executive member for Environmental Services said: “We are urging all residents to heed the advice that’s been given during the education and advisory phases of the campaign and which will continue to be given in the area by our officers.”

He added: “Leaving bins out for long periods and littering around the streets is antisocial and inconsiderate of other residents and we will not tolerate this behaviour.”