Satellite image shows North-South divide in UK weather

Image: The University of Dundee
Image: The University of Dundee
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Fascinating satellite images show a split in the UK weather yesterday (Tuesday), with Yorkshire largely under cloud.

The University of Dundee released the image which shows clear skies over most of Scotland apart from the far north.

Ireland also basked in good weather.

But in eastern and southern parts of England there was a thick layer of cloud.

Irvine in Ayrshire was one of the hottest places in the UK yesterday with a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius.

But Culmore, in Northern Ireland, boasted the coldest at eight degrees Celsius.



A damp start, especially across coast and hills, with mist, drizzle and fog likely. Outbreaks of heavy rain are also possible at first. It will then stay rather cloudy throughout, with the murky weather persisting along the coast. Staying windy. Maximum Temperature 12 °C.


Staying cloudy with another murky and damp night expected. Hills and coasts will keep a risk of mist or fog, although less extensive than recently. Minimum Temperature 6 °C.


A cloudy start, but less murky than Wednesday. Grey and overcast skies will persist for much of the day, although some brighter spells possible in the northwest later. Winds easing. Maximum Temperature 9 °C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Some sunshine possible early Friday, before cloud and showers spreading westwards. Sunny spells and isolated showers likely during Saturday and Sunday, with winds turning light. Turning warmer by the weekend.

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