Revealed: The UK wildlife that Leeds residents don't know exists

New research from last minute UK holiday rental provider has revealed that 82% of Leeds residents has a clear lack of knowledge when it comes to UK wildlife and are unaware of the wild animals that inhabit the country.

Thursday, 31st May 2018, 1:24 pm
Updated Friday, 1st June 2018, 3:12 pm

What’s lurking in our seas is a mystery to most, as more than three quarters (80%) were unaware that you could spot a humpback whale, 76% didn’t know you could see a porpoise, and 73% didn’t realise you could spot orcas (killer whales).

That’s not all, as when quizzed only 10% of adults in Leeds correctly identified coati as an animal that can be spotted right here in the UK, and only 13% knew you could spot the Aussie favourite, the wallaby.

Whilst only 100 hoopoe birds can be spotted between the end of April and beginning of May, just 16% were aware of this amazing opportunity to spot the rare Afro-Eurasia bird.

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The sand lizard, one of the UK’s rarest reptiles, is also slithering under the radar with over three quarters (83%) of Leeds residents not identifying it as a UK native.

So how many people are actually taking advantage of having these animals on their doorsteps? Only 17% can boast to have seen a golden eagle and 10% have been fortunate enough to spot a dolphin.

Despite 80% of adults in Leeds knowing you can see a puffin, less than one quarter (23%) have seen one for themselves.

The rarest animals are killer and humpback whales, with no respondents from Leeds revealing they have been lucky enough to see them.

In comparison, bats (73%) and deer (63%) are commonly spotted by Leeds residents, yet hedgehogs are yet to be seen by over a third (40%) of those surveyed.

And where can we find these amazing animals? has created a hand drawn map to reveal exactly where they can be spotted across the UK, and is encouraging people to take a UK safari this summer.

Matt Fox, co-founder at, said: “The UK has so much to offer, and it’s clear that while we’re all aware of the many amazing cities and beaches, we’re not so clued up when it comes to the wild animals that we can find in our country!”

“With so many incredible animals waiting to be spotted, we’re encouraging people to take their very own UK safari. We’ve created an interactive guide with the help of the Marine Conservation Society, to share exactly how holidaymakers can glimpse the UK’s rare wildlife, including otters and dolphins within a short trip from Leeds, for themselves.”

With so many Leeds residents unaware of the variety of animals that can be spotted in the wild in the UK, it’s no surprise that over half (57%) were shocked by the wide variety that exists in the country.

Out of 20 rare animals, adults in Leeds would most like to see:

· Dolphin (40%)

· Golden eagle (27%)

· Red squirrel (20%)

· Killer whale (20%)

· Humpback whale (13%)

Richard Harrington, Head of Communications at the Marine Conservation Society, said: “UK wildlife is captivating and fascinating, and rivals anything you can find in other parts of the world. It is really worth planning your holidays to coincide with opportunities to see animals in their natural habitat. For example the humpback whale, though rare, can be found to the west of the UK in spring and autumn. Bottlenose dolphins can be found year round - you just need to be in the know about where to go!

“Your best bet to spot any marine life is from a boat, but they can be spotted from high above too. Prominent headlands like Flamborough on the Yorkshire coast, Cape Cornwall and Lleyn Peninsula as well as islands such as Ramsey in Pembrokeshire are a great way to see dolphins and wales from dry land.”

For more information and tips on where to spot the UKs rarest animals, view’s interactive guide: