Pollution at Leeds beauty spot

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Yorkshire Water has confirmed it has found pollution in a beck which feeds into a Leeds beauty spot which is undergoing a £106,ooo redevelopment.

The company acted after Yorkshire Evening Post reader Jimmy Smith, 69, contacted us about the problem affecting a beck and three lakes at Temple Newsam.

Mr Smith, a retired engineer from Temple Gate, who regularly walks his dog in Foxes Wood, said: “It’s been going on for years, in summer it absolutely stinks. When water levels are low you can see the discolouration.”

The lakes at Temple Newsam are in the process of being dredged by Leeds City Council, which wants to create a new wildlife haven.

That could be threatened by the ongoing pollution.

The YEP contacted Yorkshire Water, who sent officials to the site and later confirmed there was pollution.

Now action is likely to be taken to address the problem.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water said: “We first investigated this problem in 2010 when we found that the pollution was coming from misconnected drains from properties in the area. We informed the property owners and the council’s environmental health team, who are responsible for dealing with misconnected drains.

“We have been out to the investigate the site again... and it appears that the sewage is again coming from some of these misconnected drains.

“Misconnections occur when wastewater or sewage is connected to a surface water drain. This can happen when a new appliance is plumbed in, when a property is being extended or renovated, or even when it was originally built. Pollution from misconnected drains can have a major impact on the water environment and Yorkshire Water is working closely with partners including local authorities and the Environment Agency to tackle the problem.

“Recently a new campaign called ConnectRight was launched to help raise awareness of the problem of misconnections and to provide help and advice on how to put things right.”

Leeds City Council said: “Clearly if there are any issues, we’re keen to work with Yorkshire Water to get resolved.”

Resources and information on ConnectRight can be found at


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