Leeds residents celebrate parking victory against commuters

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RESIDENTS are celebrating victory after commuters parking outside their homes for free have been stopped.

People living near to Cross Gates Railway Station say they have been blighted for years by rail passengers dumping their cars, often parking them ‘dangerously’ on verges and blocking driveways.

But the introduction of residents’ only parking permits means large numbers of people can no longer park, often for up to 10 hours a day, in the east Leeds suburb.

Retired Jenny Holdsworth and husband Don, of Kennerleigh Avenue, contacted local councillors for help after the problem became impossible.

Mrs Holdsworth said: ”I’ve confronted people outside about the parking and they are often rude or aggressive. It is not fair to leave your car all day long, every weekday blocking driveways. There are car parks nearby but people don’t want to pay.

Parkers would cut through a ginnel to take a short cut to the station, starting after 7am.

Resident Mary Sherburn added: “The parking permits are the best thing since sliced bread.”

Councillor Pauleen Grahame (Lab, Cross Gates and Whinmoor) said the parking problem had become unbearable: “This is good news, thanks to attempts by Councillor Peter Gruen to introduce residents only parking.

“They had cars parked all day long outside their homes, often parked dangerously with no regard for others.

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