Leeds mouldy bottled water fears

The mouldy water. PIC: Tony Johnson
The mouldy water. PIC: Tony Johnson
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Business bosses have recalled supplies of bottled water after a Leeds-based customer flagged up health concerns about the product.

Andrew Crook from Broadlands Associates, was horrified to find black specks in the bottle on top of his water cooler.

He made the shock discovery after members of his team had already started to drink water from the cooler in the Headingley office.

Mr Crook said: “It is not acceptable because we have got mould floating around in our water cooler.

“It’s just disgusting and it looks like a jellyfish.

“It is not something you would expect in bottles of water at all.”

Environment Angency analysis confirms the growth is “non-hazardous” but further tests will identify the type of mould.

Countrywise Water Coolers Ltd and Hepscott Water said they have recalled a number of bottles within a batch supplied by Wenlock Spring.

A spokeswoman from Countrywise said: “The bottler Wenlock Spring, is in close touch with their relevant Environmental Health Officers. No reports of ill-health have been received and the initial tests from the laboratories indicated that there is no cause whatsoever for concern.

“A programme of recall has been in process and all of this batch has now been recalled and all relevant coolers on customer sites sanitised.”

A Hepscott Water spokeswoman added: “We take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously and we believe in providing quality products and service, via quality certificated contractors, dispensed with the highest standard of attention and professionalism. We followed strict recall protocol to ensure that all water bottled in the same bottling batch was removed from all our customers’ premises.”

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