Leeds gardeners’ triple triumph

Barbara Harrison tending her award-winning garden.
Barbara Harrison tending her award-winning garden.
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Green-fingered Barbara Harrison has scored a gardening hat trick.

Barbara, along with her husband John, celebrated taking the trophy for best large garden in York Housing Association’s annual gardens competition for the third time.

The couple, of Pasture View Road, Rothwell, were praised for their outdoor efforts which ranged from tending to lilies to growing tomatoes and gherkins.

Barbara, 68, who has been married to John for 31 years, said: “We are both delighted at winning.”

It is a return to the top spot for the retired couple – they lost out last year to neighbours Stuart and Jane Howcroft, who won the competition for the second time.

Barbara insisted though that there was no rivalry between themselves and their neighbours: “People enjoy doing the gardens and that is the most important thing.

“We have had our successes and we have had our failures.”

The couple, who have eight children between them, said they had not tried particularly hard to win the prize.

Barbara said: “We just potter, we like growing things and we decided this year that we would have a go at growing some vegetables in pots and things like that. We don’t spend hours on it at all.”

York Housing Association Customer Service Manager Kirsty Dixon said: “The competition was keen this year but what we have noticed is how many tenants are turning to growing vegetables in their gardens - not just in gardens but in a variety of pots and containers.

“The weather might have been hit and miss this year but our gardeners have still managed to produce a range of wonderful displays.”

The competition, which is open to all residents of York Housing Association, also awarded Mr and Mrs Harrison with a cash prize for their win.

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