IT worker invents ‘tube map’ to tackle Leeds transport problem

The Leeds Tube map.
The Leeds Tube map.
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A frustrated train passenger has come up with his own solution to ease the transport problem blighting Leeds.

But IT worker Rich Daley’s brainwave could cost many billions of pounds to create.

The computer software engineer has designed his own tube map complete with station stops accurately reflecting the city’s infrastructure.

Married Rich, 30, who lives and works in the city centre, said: “Leeds is an amazing city – my favourite place ever.

“But one thing it does really badly is public transport. We have one massive railway station and then with a few exceptions, the rest of the city is accessible by unreliable, expensive and unpleasant buses.

“One thing keeps coming back to me – wouldn’t it be amazing if Leeds had a Metro system?

“So I imagined an alternate reality with an amazing and reliable underground railway called Leeds Tube.”

The map took Rich two months to design in his spare time and he says it was just for fun.

He said: “I do use the train, but mostly it is disappointing.

“I feel we would benefit from the tube system, but whether it ever becomes reality is another thing.”

Rich writes a blog and has posted his creation on twitter, which has received feedback from many bemused Leeds residents.

Rich said: “It has been interesting to see what people think about it.

“Whenever I visit cities like Berlin or London I realise how easy getting around actually is with an underground system.”