ice cold swim: Jonty completes ice-mile swim

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PARA-swimmer Jonty Warnekan has completed an ice mile swim in freezing cold water in just shorts, goggles and a hat.

No wetsuit was allowed at the event at Lake Windermere in sub five degree waters.

The 41-year-old, of Harrogate, who has a car accident and suffered several injuries including a metal plate in his head, pins in one ankle and the lower portion of his other leg had to be removed.

He had previously completed a variety of 10k distance open water swims, and having swum outdoors through the summer, he wanted to continue through the winter and was coached by Pauline Squire of Wild About Swimming.

The ice mile swim took him 58 minutes and was recorded by the International Ice Mile Swimming Association.

ice swim: Jonty Warnekan during his ice mile swim at Lake Windermere.

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