This is how Drax Power Station is set to save £1m a year

Drax Power Station is set to save £1m per year on its maintenance costs after signing a five year deal with a Leeds-based software firm.

Monday, 1st July 2019, 3:24 pm

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Scheme to make Drax world’s ‘first negative emission power station’

Drax conducts inspections of each of its turbines once every four years. During the inspections, its engineers and contractors examine the condition of specific components and identify potential defects whilst the remaining five turbines continue to generate power.

Over the five-year period savings of up to £5m could be generated due to eviFile’s ability to continually generate efficiencies.

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Picture post Nikon D2H 200mm lens ISO equivalent of 200. One of the two new wind turbines in action at Loftsome Bridge, in between Howden and Selby on the A63, is overshadowed by the cooling towers from nearby Drax power station, which is itself is dwarfed by the setting sun. picture mike cowling feb 16th 2008

Drax Group’s outage co-ordinator and project sponsor, Michelle Desmond, said: “We are confident this technology will make an immediate impact and bring a clear commercial benefit.

“The efficiency savings through eviFile will allow us to focus as much attention as possible on our vision for a zero carbon, lower cost energy future.”

eviFile managing director, Luke Allen, said: “The team at Drax Group has realised the potential of our technology to drastically improve efficiency, mitigate risk and ultimately reduce costs.”

eviFile works via standard tablets and smartphones, enabling Drax’s engineers and contractors to use their device’s camera and GPS capabilities to record works completed. Every use is securely captured with high-quality data on time, date, geographical location, user and device orientation, resulting in better workflow management. The flexible system will be used by multiple contractors and is compatible with various sign-off requirements.

Feature on Drax Power Station, near Selby..CEO Andy Koss is pictured.24th May 2018 ..Picture by Simon Hulme

Drax Power Station is the biggest renewable energy producer in the UK. It has a generating capacity of 3,906 megawatts, supplying 12 per cent of the UK’s renewable power and six per cent of the country’s energy needs. Four of the station’s six generating units produce renewable energy, enough to power four million homes.