Forum ‘manifesto’ for Leeds trolleybus alternative

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Campaigning residents have come up with a 20-point ‘manifesto’ they say will help ease traffic congestion along the A660 and do away with the need for a trolleybus.

The North West Leeds Transport Forum enlisted transport expert at Leeds Metropolitan University, Emeritus Professor Peter Bonsal when drawing up the plans.

Martyn Thomas, co-chair of the NWLT Forum, said: “The manifesto contains details of our alternative transport strategy for the improvement of the A660 corridor.

“If implemented it would bring faster, less destructive and cheaper solutions than the proposed NGT trolleybus scheme and provide better public transport services.”

Measures include:

*Cashless payment for buses

* Banning HGVs at peak times

* Express buses from Bodington park and ride

* Priority for buses at signals

* Removing street furniture from pavements

Martyn added: “We think the proposed trolleybus scheme will result in increased congestion, increased emission of greenhouse gases, less frequent public transport and substantial loss of mature trees and green space.

“Many of our measures can be implemented now, not in six years time.”

The controversial £250m New Generation Transport trolleybus scheme would create a 14km ‘guided’ bus route from beyond Lawnswood roundabout, through Headingley and into Leeds city centre.

In November, Leeds City Council approved £19m to enable the work to progress to the next stage.

However, work on the project is unlikely to begin until 2016 at the earliest.

A public inquiry into whether the scheme should go ahead or not is set to take place ahead of that date, with a date yet to be set.

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