Barbie dolls hidden around Leeds

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BARBIE dolls are being hidden around Leeds as part of a campaign by eco-activists against a global toy company.

The public are being invited to track down the dolls which have been planted by local campaigners for Greenpeace.

Greenpeace has targeted US toy maker Mattel, for using packaging from a company allegedly damaging the Indonesian rainforest.

Mattel makes Barbie dolls and each of the hidden toys has been tagged with a unique number so the charity can track their hiding places.

Recently Greenpeace activists, dressed in tuxedos to represent Barbie’s boyfriend Ken, scaled Mattel’s Los Angeles HQ.

The company has now introduced a new sustainability policy for its packaging.

Leeds Greenpeace activist Joe Helm told the YEP: “The Barbie hunt will run for the period of the campaign.

“Finders will be encouraged to register and then rehide the Barbies.

“They can also register and hide their own Barbies via the Greenpeace website.

“At the end of the campaign Greenpeace will ensure that all the Barbies have been collected and they will go to charity shops.”

Greenpeace claims that Mattel uses packaging produced by Asia Pulp and Paper which has been blamed for damaging rainforests in Indonesia.

Mattel has responded by initiating a new policy which requires suppliers to commit to sustainable forestry management.

Lisa Marie Bongiovanni, vice president of corporate affairs at Mattel, said: “While we don’t have all the answers, we are working to make improvements across our business.

“In fact, earlier this year, Mattel completed a lifecycle assessment of packaging to identify impacts and opportunities for future improvements.”

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