Emmerdale wedding drama - PICTURES

There have been many dramatic weddings in Emmerdale over the years – but none where the bride could end her big day in jail.

And as Nicola De Souza struggles to get to the church on time, Leeds designer Anita Massarella will be keeping a close eye on events.


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Anita, a couture wedding and evening dress designer from Moortown, was asked to design the wedding gown for actress Nicola Wheeler.

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Nicola's character, also called Nicola, is due to marry Jimmy King (Nick Miles) in nail-biting episodes this week – but when a court hearing is moved to clash with the ceremony, it looks like the bride could spend her wedding night in jail.

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Even Anita doesn't know if her creation will be shown during the episodes, to be screened tomorrow and Friday.

The designer, who runs a small boutique on Harrogate Road, said: "We've done lots of work for Emmerdale brides over the years, including Patsy Kensit.

They tend to come to us when they want something special so we're honoured they've chosen us.

"Nicola's dress is amazing. It's a fitted, corseted dress and it's covered in ruched French silk chiffon.

"The bodice has Swarovski crystals stitched on, which were all


"It's a slimline dress and it's got a long, flowing train at the back.

"We really hope it will be seen on screen but viewers will be on the edge of their seats as they wait to see what happens."

Mum-of-one Nicola was charged with child abuse after Viv Hope (Deena Payne) found teethmarks on daughter Cathy's arm.


Although Nicola admitted biting Cathy, she said it was to teach the toddler a lesson after she bit her own little girl, Angelica.

The secretary pleaded guilty – but when the sentence was brought forward, her dream wedding day started to fall apart.

But Nicola Wheeler said her character was destined for a happy ending with Jimmy, even if she did go to jail first.

She told the YEP: "Nicola's been concentrating on the wedding and she's tried to sweep all this under the carpet and forget about it.

"She wanted it to be a perfect day and now she doesn't know what's going to happen. The thought of going to jail scares her to death.

"Although her and Jimmy are quite fiery, I think they're a good match and it will work out for them in the end."

Nick Miles said Jimmy was prepared to support Nicola whatever happens, with parenthood softening both of them.

He added: "I think they calm each other down. Jimmy is trying to be strong for Nicola but deep down, he's terrified as well.

"Jimmy will stand by Nicola because he wants to do what's right for Angelica and give her the best start in life."

The episodes will be screened tomorrow and Friday, 7pm, ITV1.