Emmerdale actor tells of shocking wedding rape scene

Emmerdale star Jonathan Wrather has told how his co-star Zoe Henry suffered bruises while filming Monday night’s brutal rape scene.

His character, Pierce Harris, attacked Henry’s Rhona Goskirk just hours after their wedding in the episode’s shocking pre-watershed finale.

As Pierce’s paranoia spiralled out of control, he grabbed his new wife several times before throwing her to the floor and assaulting her.

Speaking to ITV’s Lorraine on Tuesday, Wrather told how the scenes were tough to get right.

“They were difficult to do,” he said, “Zoe will say she got one or two bruises along the way.

“But we were fully committed to it - we had to be to make it as truthful as possible and not flinch from the seriousness of the story.

“Most of it is very much implied and you don’t see a lot, in a sense that makes it more powerful.”

In Tuesday night’s episode, an apparently remorseless Pierce will try to convince Rhona that she had deliberately provoked him into the attack.

But viewers have already taken to Twitter to urge Rhona to call the police.

Following previous hints of Pierce’s aggressive nature, one viewer Tweeted the soap: “POLICE RHONA. Guess we can see a little of why Tess was so desperate to get away.”

“She was warned not to marry him control freak who has now raped her. CALL POLICE. NOW,” added another.

The soap’s Twitter account shared a link with information and contacts for Rape Crisis after the episode.

Describing the show as “a hard watch,” Wrather said: “It is happening all too often and we worked with a number of groups to make sure that we got it right.

“The facts and statistics are shocking.

“Even if relationships do not become violent they can be coercive...We have had a lot of positive feedback that show a number of people are identifying with the story.”

* Emmerdale continues on ITV at 7pm on Tuesday. (April 25)